Our Projects

Days Chevrolet Acworth

142,950 Watts Reduced
$58,312 Savings / Yr


13,830 Watts Reduced
$22,599 Savings / Yr

Duvall Auto

18,424 Watts Reduced
$13,088.50 savings / Yr

Chestatee Ford

13,020 Watts Reduced
$10,252 savings / Yr

Featured Solutions

Automotive Site Lighting

In the Automotive Market, the electrical load for site lighting represents roughly 40% of the average dealership's total connected load. For a facility that has not converted to LEDs or adopted an agressive controls strategy, this represents an annual energy cost of roughly $45,000.

When replacing fixtures, an LED solution will yeild a load reduction of 70%-85% reduction. On average our projects yeild a reduction of 75% when compared to the existing lighting system, while dramatically improving light quality and visibility.

With a payback of under 3 years, a product warranty of up to 10 years, and a life expectancy of over 15 years, this is a very solid investment strategy to dramatically reduce factility operating expenses.